New paths…

I am starting this blog to help me on the many different paths and directions, I am going with my family. I love crafting, cooking and spending time with my family. I have been a military wife since 2011. I have two wonderful boys WD, who is three and JC, who is two. I am going to share my journey with military life, motherhood, and our families journey; as we learn and understand our son’s (JC) path through autism. I will tell you about our process of getting our diagnosis, which was not easy. What was recommended for us to try, what worked and what didn’t. Right now, I can tell you there seem to be a lot more what of what isn’t working, than what is. Navigating the process and insurance is a path of obstacles in and of itself. I have a wealth of knowledge about special education and autism from the point of an educator. I have just finished my Masters from Liberty University in special education, as well as, a graduate certification in autism education. As prepared as I thought I would be, the fact that my son has autism is hard to deal with. When I started my education I didn’t know that it would impact me so directly. My classroom world and my home world have merged. My faith has been tested with JC. It as been tested from the day he was born and I have had, to had faith through many moments with him. He continues to test my faith and restores it just when I think it is gone. He will be what makes me a better, more understanding special education teacher and will allow me to better help families in the future. We will figure this out, one step at a time. I am trying to let you walk a few steps in my shoes but most of the time I walk my paths barefooted. So, bear with me as I learn about the blogging world. I am sure there will be many missteps along the way, but such is life. I will learn as I go. It is the best way for me to learn.


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